CDROM and FDD Cleaning


If you are getting errors like "Please insert a cd&quoile using the cdrom
If your computer gives you errors while your using the cdrom , like in the middle of a game the computer gives an error like "Please insert the cd" you should first try ejecting the cd and inserting it again. If that does not remedy the problem, try going to a local stationery or computer store and purchasing a CD disk Cleaner kit, costing around Rs.80/-. This will provide you with a cleaning cd that you can insert into your computer and it will clean the lens.

Please note that a cleaning process may be required if you use "dusty or scratched" CD media in your CD ROM. Always keep your disks media covered in a protective box/cover.


Why? Dirty CDs can cause read errors and/or cause CDs to not work at all.
Procedure: Cleaning CDs can be done with a CD cleaning kit however can also be done with a normal clean cotton cloth or shirt. When doing this with a clean cotton cloth or shirt, wipe against the tracks, starting from the middle of the CD and wiping towards the outer side of the CD. Never wipe with the tracks doing so may put more scratches on the CD.
It is recommended when cleaning a CD that water be used. However, if the substance on a CD cannot be removed using water, pure alcohol can also be used.


If the disk drive head becomes dirty, "data errors" may occur. Accumulated dirt can scratch the disk. Regular cleaning is important to avoid dirt buildup.
To clean the disk drive head, use a commercially available fluid-type cleaning disk for dual-sided drives.
Cleaning Procedure

(1) Moisten the cleaning disk with cleaning fluid.

(2) Immediately insert the cleaning disk into the disk drive and execute a read operation. (Any type of load operation is ok.) An error message will appear.

(3) After approximately 10 seconds, press the eject button, and remove the cleaning disk.
(4) For approximately 5 minutes, do not use the disk drive.
(Using the disk drive before the cleaning liquid has dried may cause malfunctions.)