Our Profile


Company vision:
System House is positioned to take advantage of the significant market opportunities available in the customized IT field. Through a professional approach to marketing, experienced management, and an emphasis on outstanding customer support and service.

Short-term goals:
The goal is steady expansion, becoming profitable from the first year of operations.

Long- term goals:
Objectives within three years is to achieve 5 percent of the market share in the region.

Company values:
System House is dedicated to building long-term relationships with customers through quality training and customer support and wants to be recognized as the leading IT company in Goa, India. Our success lies in our unwavering commitment of never stopping to deliver innovative & dependable products; provide responsive & reliable service; doing whatever it takes to satisfy our customers need.

SYSTEM HOUSE functional divisions offer

  • Intergrated computers -SH Systems- the powerful servers and workstations
  • Customized hardware solutions
  • Software solutions for business applications
  • Enterprise wide networking solutions
  • Structured cabling and value added services
  • Hardware and software repairs and maintenance

SYSTEM HOUSE assists companies

  • Define their IT requirements
  • Prepare specifications
  • Manage the tender process
  • Evaluate response
  • Oversee implementation
  • Recommend and supply hardware and software
  • Perform quality testing
  • Provide training
  • Set-up IT team


  • Our efficient human resources
  • Team of experts
  • Qualified and competent staff
  • Excellent track record
  • Full spectrum of technical skills
  • Providing opportunities for training and upgrading skills


We assist our clients to focus on their business needs through

  • Close interaction
  • Evaluation of the technology available
  • Development of sound strategy
  • Providing options for implementation
  • Suggesting cost effective solutions
  • Ultimately, ensuring the benefits of change

System House offers a comprehensive range of IT products and services to support the Customer, including pre- and post sale briefings.


SH SYSTEMS Server, Workstation/Desktop Series : What is the most significant feature of your PC? Is it the newest technology, best price or performance or unbeatable all round functionality? No matter what your choice is, you will find the Server, Workstation/Desktop series gives you exactly what you want. This dynamic range of PCs is always the first to deliver the newest technologies at the most compelling price, integrating the newest hardware devices. Upgrading is smooth and simple with standard components. With an impressive range of models and hardware components and accessories, SH Systems gives you exactly the configuration you need at the price to fit your budget. The SH- System come with a 1 year warranty.

Networking products : System House markets hubs, switches, routers, ethernet cards and other networking components of EDIMAX, ACCTON , MOLEX and DLINK. This implies that every product is of the finest quality.

Transcends JETRAM Memories : JetRam is a superior line of standard memory modules for value-conscious consumers. Thrifty shoppers can increase the cost effectiveness of their memory purchase by choosing JetRam reliability a stability and performance from your JetRam memory modules. The lifetime warranty on JetRam memory modules lets you confidently install the maximum memory capacity supported by your system with RAM that you know is dependable.

LG Monitors :
LG color monitors, arguably the most popular monitor, provides exceptioalue with feature which is typical only of more expensive models, at an affordable price. Whether for home or office use, its an ideal upgrade to a higher level of performance. The monitors are available in 15, 17, 19 and 21 in the digital, multimedia, graphics ,flatron and LCD series. LG monitors come with 2 years warranty .

APC's award-winning UPSs provide proven reliability in power protection. We offer solutions ranging from surge protectors to midrange UPS systems that protect anything from a basis PC to the most advancedsuperserver. Whatever your computing needs maybe, APC is your one-stop shop for reliable power protection.

Customized Software :
We create data-intensive client/server business applications in the quickest most efficient manner. We provide a powerful and easy to use visual interface with menus, file maintenance screens, data entry screens, and selection screens for reports and other processes. We also create custom-made web sites that are most optimal and easily accessible. Software system implementation is not just the initial phase of computer use, but rather is an ongoing process as users needs grow and change continuously. We, once again, provide developers and support personnel with the tools required for high-quality application maintenance and continuous modification and enhancement.

Quality, Customer service, Location and facilities, Reputation, Method(s) of selling, Hours of business, delivery times, etc., Advertising and promotion, Employee attitude or appearance

Competitive advantages:
The business will benefit both from its accessible location in the heart of Margao downtown shopping district.

Market differentiation:
System House maintains the following advantages over existing competition: ongoing support to clients, extensive knowledge of the IT field, superior customer service, specialized training programs for staff, informative Web site, and competitive rates.

Possible new or complementary products:
At a later stage the business may wish to enter the e-commerce market.

Regulatory issues:
In the period covered by this Business Plan, we intend to operate only as the appointed agents for a number of IT Distributors. As such, we can shelter under their licenses and bonds.