Warranty Period

The warranty for all products is 1 year unless mentioned otherwise.
The warranty peri will commence from the day of delivery of the item.
The warranty of a replaced or repaired item will be from the date of original delivery of the item and not from the date of delivery of the replaced or repaired item.

Warranty Policy

Warranty will be considered void if:

  • Warranty period is over

  • Serial numbers, bar codes or any identifiers are tampered with in any way

  • If computer parts are opened or repaired by the user or any person other than System House authorized service engineers

  • Item is physically damaged (eg. broken corners, cracks, etc.)

  • Electrical overload or stress

  • Warranty seals, screws, or rubber support are tampered with

  • Item brand is remarked or modified

  • Defect is caused due to accidents, improper handling, misuse, unusual electrical condition, bad earthing, riots, theft, water, lightning, earthquake, virus attack or any other environmental or non-environmental hazards.

Warranty will be considered void for products if:

  • CPUs
    - If the pins are bent or broken
    - If the back portion of the CPU appears brown due to overheating

  • Hard Disk Drives
    - Media Screws are missing or tampered
    - IDE/ Power supply connector pin is broken
    - Drives, if shaken, make a noise resembling something broken inside

  • Mother Boards
    - Warranty will be void if CPU socket turns brown
    - If memory socket is broken or damaged
    - In case of missing battery from the mother board

  • CD ROMs
    - No warranty if IDE or Power supply connector pin is broken

    Key Boards and Mouse
    - No warranty if the outer cable is damaged, cut or broken

  • Monitors and Printers
    - Warranty is as per the warranty policy of the manufacturers

  • Speakers
    - No warranty on plastic parts. Spike guards carry no warranty.

  • Modems
    - No warranty if the Printed Circuit Board (PCB), chip, or ICs are burnt

Some of the items not covered under warranty include :

Power adaptor, Spike guard, Remote Control, Cables, Connectors, Media (Floppies, CDs, etc.)
If any items are not repairable or are obsolete, the customer will be informed about the same. An option to purchase an item close to the specification would be given against payment of the differential price. The decision taken by System House on the differential price to be paid would be final and binding on the customer.

Replacement Procedure

A replacement will be given on an item on producing the proof of invoice, provided the item adheres to the warranty policy of System House.

One way freight will be borne by the customer if the item has to be transported out of state. Repaired/Replaced material will be sent to the customer on freight paid basis. Any other levy has to be borne by the customer.

System House is at its liberty to charge the user for service rendered during the warranty period if they are convinced that the problem occurred is a software problem.

System House is not liable for any loss of data or software due to any reason during or after the warranty period.

Decision of System House will be final and binding to the customer.